About Heather

Wife * Mom * Baker

I am a creative person that spent my entire life dreaming of being a teacher. My Dad once made the comment that some of my greatest teaching moments may be spent with my very own children. Now while my husband is attending law school I have been given the priceless opportunity to be a stay at home Mom.

I started decorating cakes because I wanted to be that mom that makes her kids birthday cakes. Before I knew it I was decorating cupcakes and then cookies too. Decorating is my way of escaping the every day of Mom (aka. dishes, diapers, and well you get the idea). What started as a lovely hobby has turned into a passion.

Two things have happened to me that convinced me to give this adventure a try. #1 - listening to my three year old son's prayers one night when, "Thank you that Mom gets be home with us"...I didn't need more convincing than that. What I am doing isn't going unnoticed. #2 A few months ago when my Dad wished me happy birthday he left me this message, "Happy Birthday and remember - If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

It simply comes down to this - Jellybeans Bakery is my blessing and my door. It is my chance to be creative while loving every moment as a Mom.

Lastly...see the darling on the right? That is Jellybean.