Monday, July 9, 2012

Pendant Cookie

Awhile back I found a pendant while playing around on Pinterest. Immediately I saw the cookie it could become...unfortunately there it sat...on my Pinterest board...bugging me...begging me to become a cookie. (If you are wondering yes, things can beg to be cookies.) Anyway the problem with this bit of inspiration was the fact that it required a lot of colors and techniques that I have never tried. It took a little while but finally I made it...not for anyone special, just for me.

This cookie would have been a bit much to free hand so I started with my yellow food writer. I traced a measuring spoon to draw the circles and free handed the rest. It was about now that I was really sad not to have a projector of sorts.

I used an ivory to outline the design. This is where the learning really took off. If you make your piping icing too thick piping a detailed design becomes much, much harder. I found the starting and stopping of the icing not to blend very well. It left little peaks which about drove me made. I chose to move on and just be proud of myself.

Tada! I loved doing this. I loved watching this cookie come to life.

Not too bad - I learned a lot and actually I love it!!

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