Monday, July 9, 2012

Pendant Cookie

Awhile back I found a pendant while playing around on Pinterest. Immediately I saw the cookie it could become...unfortunately there it sat...on my Pinterest board...bugging me...begging me to become a cookie. (If you are wondering yes, things can beg to be cookies.) Anyway the problem with this bit of inspiration was the fact that it required a lot of colors and techniques that I have never tried. It took a little while but finally I made it...not for anyone special, just for me.

This cookie would have been a bit much to free hand so I started with my yellow food writer. I traced a measuring spoon to draw the circles and free handed the rest. It was about now that I was really sad not to have a projector of sorts.

I used an ivory to outline the design. This is where the learning really took off. If you make your piping icing too thick piping a detailed design becomes much, much harder. I found the starting and stopping of the icing not to blend very well. It left little peaks which about drove me made. I chose to move on and just be proud of myself.

Tada! I loved doing this. I loved watching this cookie come to life.

Not too bad - I learned a lot and actually I love it!!

Have a Haunting Birthday

There is the cutest little boy that goes to my church. I guess I shouldn't call him little since he is 9, and little boys that age really don't appreciate it, but hey he is smaller than me. Any who - Alex has as birthday near Halloween and this year he asked me to make him a Halloween themed cake.

I took one of his favorite candies, Reeses Pieces, and after a quick chop added those to the center to make the filling.

 This darn skeleton did not want to sit up...if he wasn't already dead he was going to end up that way!

I used things/people that Alex liked to create the names for the tomb stones. The cookies were made gray using Wilton's Spray color.

The finished product...

Happy Birthday Alex!!!